KOH Library and Cultural Center

2300 Sierra Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95825

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special Speaker

The Jewish Experience In Small Towns: The Identity Issue - Special guest speaker, Professor Al Sokolow. Sunday, March 4th at 2pm.

Small town residence clearly has not been the dominant story of the Jewish existence in this country. We have been primarily an urban (big city and suburban) people in the United States. But there also has been a significant Jewish presence in small towns, an experience that reveals a great deal about retaining - or losing - Jewish identity. The KOH Library and Cultural Center is honored to present guest speaker Al Sokolow who will explore several aspects of small-town Jewish experi-ence. Much of this program will be audience driven and Dr. Sokolow especially wants to hear from folks who have experienced small town life as Jews, so please bring your personal stories to share. No fee and open to the community.

There is $5 suggested donation. Dr. Sokolow is a Public Policy Specialist Emeritus, University of California, Davis. He has a longstanding interest in the topic of Jews in small communities

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