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Monday, January 7, 2013

New, Newer, Newest Arrivals

With the new year, KOH has many new opportunities for reading, learning, laughing, and borrowing.

Some of our newest arrivals from December and January are listed below.  Please stop by - or go to our online catalog at kohlcc.org - to peruse our collection.

Received from our Wish List:
       On the Wings of Eagles, by Micha Feldman
       Jewish Jocks,  Edited by Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy
       Open Heart, by Eli Wiesel
       A Kosher Christmas, by Joshua Eli Plaut


     Glass Hearts, a novel by Terri Paul
     Don't Ever Get Old, a mystery by Daniel Friedman
     An Uncommon Journey, a memoir by Deborah Strobin and Ilie Wacs
     A Jewish Understanding of the New Testament, by Samuel Sandmell
     A Little Russian, historical Fiction by Susan Sherman
     The Whipping Club, a novel by Deborah Henry
     The Art Forger, a novel by Barbara A. Shapiro
     City of Women, a novel by David Gillham
     The Promise of Israel, by Daniel Gordis
     Fitting in is Overrated, A Survival Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like an Outsider,
       by Leonard Felder, PhD.

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