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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Like Everyone Else...But Different: The Jews of Canada

Please join us on Saturday, January 12 at 7PM for program on Canadian Jews presented by Hy Kashenberg. 
Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Hy will give us a unique insider's view of the complex and fascinating story of Jews in Canada.  He will speak from historical and personal perspectives to reveal how the Canadian Jewish community is a diverse and sometimes fractious group.  Yet that diversity provides the context and explanation for the successes of Canadian Jews.  Although Jews in Canada are on the leading edge of many trends in their society, their cultural traditions and religious observances have remained strong.

Like Everyone Else... But Different:  The Jews of Canada will be in the Kashenberg Ostrow Hayward Library and Cultural Center.  This wonderful venue was a vision of Hy Kashenberg who, along with the Ostrow and Hayward families, funded and created this unique library and cultural center which serves the entire community.

A fruit and dessert reception in honor of Mr. Kashenberg follows the program.  There is no admission fee although donations to help support our beautiful non-profit facility are greatly appreciated.  

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