KOH Library and Cultural Center

2300 Sierra Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95825

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The following are now available for checkout in the KOH Library:


The Spinoza Problem, a novel - by Irvin Yalom
The Invisible Wall, a memoir - by Harry Bernstein
Diaspora: Homelands in Exile by Frederic Brenner
Our Holocaust, a novel by Amir Gulfreund
Harry Lipkin - Private Eye, a novel - by Barry Fantoni
The Red Book, a novel - by Deborah Kogan
The Submission, a novel - by Amy Waldman
Exile, a novel - by Richard Patterson
The Underground Reporters, a memoir - by Kathy Kacer
Like Everyone Else, But Different - by Morton Weinfeld


Broken Silence (from Steven Spielberg and Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation)

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