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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guest Speaker - Ed Rabin

Sunday, April 22nd 
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

The Bible's Influence on American Political Ideals

Ed Rabin, Professor Emeritus UC Davis School of Law

Professor Rabin will speak on how political ideals held in America have been influenced by the Bible.   

Many of our American political ideals  can be traced back to two sources:  the ancient Greeks, from whom we derive our form of government - democracy; and the Ancient Hebrews, from whom we derive such concepts as dignity and individual equality, the right to equal justice under the law and the duty to protect the weak from the oppression by the strong.  By today's standards the democracy of the Ancient Greeks was flawed, and not to be emulated.  In contrast, the political ideals of the Bible remain as fresh and inspiring, centuries later.  

Edward Rabin came to UCD's School of Law in 1966.  At various times during his tenure, he served as Associate Dean or Acting Dean.  He is a graduate of Columbia College and Columbia Law School, where he was the editor of the Columbia Law Review.   For many years he taught a seminar in Jewish Law, and while teaching this course he became interested in the effect of biblical law on American political ideals. His presentation should bring fresh insight into American life today, our national ideals and the politics/laws that govern us. 

No fee - Suggested donation of $5 is appreciated
Open to the entire community

For additional information, or to RSVP, contact Taliah Berger at (916) 541-3720 or taliah@koclcc.org

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