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Friday, December 17, 2010

KOH Artist Lecture/Reception

The KOH Library and Cultural Center is proud to announce that we will have the great privilege to view the art of acclaimed artist Barbara Mendes and hear her talk on Sunday, January 9, 2010. Her exhibit will be open through February 25, 2011 but you will not want to miss the opportunity to hear this woman, who is as vibrant as her paintings, speak at her opening about her life journey, philosophy about art and the path of ‘Teshuva’ that led her return to her heritage and faith. The center piece of this art exhibit will be the six foot by sixteen foot ‘Vayikra Mural’ which is a vibrant visual narrative depicting each of the 27 chapters (859 verses) of Leviticus. This piece alone took over three years to complete. Barbara Mendes has become known internationally for her epic paintings – large canvases filled with hierarchal, narrative imagery and brilliant colors; woven into intricate compositions.

Barbara Mendes will also speak about her familial ties to Dona Gracia Mendes who was the fifteenth century heroine of the Sephardic Anusim and is universally venerated for her strength and courage. Like her ancestor, Barbara Mendes believes in the courage of one’s convictions. She has devoted her life and art to the study, practice and celebration of Torah Judaism. To quote Ms. Mendes, “Torah is meant to be a light to the nations; these paintings are attempts to reveal in that light.”

Please mark your calendars and join us in the KOH Library and Cultural Center on Sunday, January 9, 2011 beginning at 4:00pm. To learn more about Barbara Mendes go to www.BarbaraMendes.org.

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